Pancake Day from around the world.


Pancake Day is on its way! Take a look at 10 different pancakes from all over the world!

  1. Japan: Soufflé Pancakes

    They are fluffy, airy, delicate pancakes made with buttermilk and meringue, they're almost like a breakfast soufflé.
    Find a recipe here: Souffle Pancakes Recipe
  2. America: Buttermilk Pancakes 

    Often eaten for breakfast with butter and syrup, The secret weapon to its signature thick and fluffy texture: baking powder
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  3. China: Scallion pancakes

    Pan-fried pancakes — typically made from dough, not batter, they are chewy, flaky, and savoury.
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  4. Russia: Blini

    Thicker than French crêpes, made with buckwheat flour and yeast, filled with sweet or savory elements. 
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  5. Crepe Pancakes

    Thin pancakes made with plain flour, eggs, and milk. Traditionally topped with lemon juice and sugar.
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  6. Finland:  Pannukakku

    Baked in a rectangle or circular pan and ensure they are fluffy and golden texture. Topped with powdered sugar, cream, fruit, and other sweet treats.
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  7. Greece: Tiganites

    Thin pancakes traditionally topped with honey, cinnamon, and yogurt.
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  8. India: Uttapam

    Made with blended batter of fermented rice and black lentil and mixed with spices and chopped onions. Dosa-like dish from South India made by cooking ingredients in a batter.
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  9. Netherlands: Pannenkoeken

    A sweet souffléd pancake, often baked in a large pan, then topped with sugar and fruit.
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  10. Venezuela: Cachapas

    Corn pancakes that are usually folded over fresh melted cheese. The Spanish word for "crumpets”.
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