Interview Tips


As I am sure you have already discovered, the Internet is awash with advice and tips on how to become an ‘interview guru’. From dressing smart and being polite to the most detailed descriptions on how to sit, it seems like it has all been covered. So rather than regurgitating what you already know I thought we’d take a more practical approach to detailing our interview advice.

In the next few paragraphs we'll offer some quality advice that will really make a difference and help you to stand out from the crowd.

1) First up, congratulations.

Yeah! You’ve got an interview and therefore relax. There was something on your CV that the employer liked. So there’s no need to worry or stress, they like you already… or at least a little bit. Read through your CV and covering letter again and pretend you own a company that is looking to recruit a new member of staff. What was it on your CV that made the employer contact you for an interview? What do you feel are your CV’s strongest points? Whatever they are, make sure you mention them during the interview because this will help to reaffirm with the employer why they picked you out in the first place.

2) You’re fired!
The truth of the matter is you are very unlikely to face an Alan Sugar type ranting and raving at you during an interview, so again relax. Interviews are simply there to help you prove to an employer that you have the skills that they are looking for. And how do they do this, by simply asking questions. They are not trying to trip you up or embarrass you or get you to make mistakes. If that is their interview style, then you probably won’t be very happy working for them, so take it as a learning experience and move on.

3) Well you wrote it!
Remember, all the interviewer knows about you is your CV so make sure you know it off by heart because that will be the primary source of their questioning. If you wrote it down, be prepared to be asked about it. If you have any gaps in your employment or your career path that looks a bit odd, work out your explanation in advance.

4) Be Yourself.
Sometimes no matter how qualified or experienced you are, something just doesn’t click with the employer. If this happens don’t worry, there is nothing you can do about it. Pretending to be someone you’re not might get you through the interview but the reality is you probably won’t enjoy the job or feel settled. Eventually your true personality will come out and most likely it won’t be to the taste of the employer. It is much better to be yourself so the employer knows who and what they are getting. Get the job and you can safely assume your outlook on life matches your employer and you’re going to get on.

5) Know you stuff.
Make sure you’ve had a good look online at the employer’s website. It can tell you a lot about how an employer operates and the type of image they want to portray (as well as whether you are likely to enjoy working for them). Consider where the job title you are applying for fits into the business and bring this across in the interview.

6) I can’t find my dream job.
The truth is dream jobs don’t grow on trees and in most cases require several steps to get there. So if you can’t find that Head Chef job in Rio that only opens for Monday lunch then consider other jobs. Keeping your employment history active looks good to employers, so working while looking for the 'perfect’ job is important.

If you are already a nervous wreck just thinking about your upcoming interview, then why not give us a ring. At Flourish we support all our chefs and front of house staff and are always happy to run through an interview over the phone and give you some feedback. At Flourish we pride ourselves in ensuring our candidates are happy in their place of work, so let us help you find your dream job and together you can Flourish.