Flourish Valentine's Day Menu


To celebrate Valentine’s Day the Flourish team have chosen their ideal romantic menus. We've pitched our Temp Team against our Perm Team.

Which menu will win? You decide!

Perm Temp:

"Hi I'm Megan and I head up the Perm Team here at Flourish. For our menu we've opted for simplicity. A light and balanced 3 course meal with just the right amount of spice, with a few aphrodisiacs thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!"

Perm Team Valentines Day Menu

Temp Team:

"Hello, I'm Sarah representing the Flourish Temp Team. No need for a sales pitch here, 3 courses, 3 classics. The only issue is whether you'll have room for dessert. So why not share, it is Valentine's Day after all.

Valentines Day Menu Temp Team